Child Support Modification, Contempt and Enforcement actions Post-Divorce Modification of Final Judgments

Modification is an action where due to a change in your circumstance the terms of a final judgment previously established is changed. Contempt is an enforcement action taken when a party deliberately refuses to comply with the terms set forth in the Final Judgment.

Post-Judgement Modifications

The attorneys at Benjamin-Wise Creary, PLLC are available to assist you when you need to change a judgment or court order. We will review your documentation and discuss your personal circumstance to determine if there has been a material, substantial change in circumstances, that was involuntary, permanent and unanticipated since your divorce proceeding or paternity action was finalized. For example, if you have lost your job or experienced a devastating medical emergency, we can help you to modify the terms of your Final Judgment which address your child support or other financial obligations. If you desire to change a court ordered parenting plan or timesharing schedule, we will discuss the best interests of your minor children and assist you obtain your best options.

Enforcement Of Court Orders

A Final Judgment or Court Order set responsibilities, rights and entitlements. You have certain duties and rights that should be protected. If the Court has entered an order in your case, and the other party is not complying with the terms of the order, ie not paying support obligations or not allowing time with children, the attorneys at Benjamin-Wise Creary, PLLC can help you to enforce the terms of the order using the Court’s contempt powers.  

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