A New and Innovative Method to Obtain Your Divorce in Lighthouse Point

YYou can choose to have a new and innovative method to obtain your divorce with a team of interdisciplinary professionals in Lighthouse Point. The method is designed to assist you and your spouse reach settlement of your divorce case before it is filed in a court of law.

Your Collaborative Divorce Lighthouse Point Team
Your team members consist of the following:
  • You and your attorney
  • Your spouse and their attorney
  • a mental health provider
  • financial professional

The team agrees to meet on several occasions over a course of time to discuss and resolve certain components of your divorce. Each team meeting results is memorialized in writing and preserved until the next meeting; ultimately a complete resolution is met.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Sheena Benjamin Wise serving the Lighthouse Point, FL area is collaboratively trained to provide you with an innovative method to reach the goals of divorce without the sting of litigation. It is imperative that both you and your spouse choose collaboratively trained professionals and be committed to the designed process to achieve optimal success. The Collaborative process may also be effective for other aspects of law including paternity and modification of legal matters.

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