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In the heat of battle during a divorce, the idea of finding any kind of consolation is very hard to visualize. At Benjamin-Wise Creary & Associates, we provide extensive Pompano Beach mediation that is going to provide you with help you need to resolve your case. Mediation plays a primary role in the overall progress of your case. Rather than feeling like you are relying on goodwill or good luck to get what you need, we can step in to offer representation at your mediation to add weight and strength to your concerns and issues.

How Can a Divorce Lawyer Provide Mediation?

For one, we can work with you to make sure that your divorce is mediated in the right manner. We are trained mediators that can assist resolve your case.

For example, many couples who wish to separate may not be looking to win the assets or children; they just want out of the marriage.

  • In that case, we can sit down with you and discuss your options and attend mediation with you.
  • We’ll make sure that you have time to talk and air your grievances, in a way that you may never have had the chance to do so in the past.

The most challenging process is when children are involved, however.

  • Finding a resolution when children are involved should always be the primary aim, and we’ll do everything we can to reach a resolution that makes sense for your children.

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