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Can a Divorce Lawyer Provide Divorce Mediation?

Yes, the attorneys of the Law Office of Sheena Benjamin-Wise are prepared to assist you each and every step of the way in this process. Mediation is a legal process which allows two parties to negotiate settlement of their dispute without litigation.

Mediation is a legal proceeding where the parties first attempt to resolve any and all pending issues prior to appearing before a judge for final resolution. If your issues are not resolved during mediation, the matter is set for an evidentiary trial.

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Our are trained and effective mediators, who help you prepare for and attend mediation with you or serve as the mediator to resolve your contested case.

The mediator (a neutral third party), assists the parties with negotiating parental responsibility, timesharing and child-related matters, alimony or spousal support, child support and other child-related financial matters, equitable distribution, and any other issues involved in dissolving their marriage. Mediation allows the parties to exercise more control over the settlement of their issues than they would have if the Court decides all the issues for them.

The attorneys of the Law Office of Sheena Benjamin-Wise can assist you with presenting your spouse with reasonable written agreement and or parenting plan to resolving all relevant issues of your divorce. Once the agreement is accepted and fully executed we file the agreement and other required documentation with the clerk of courts as a resolved action and set your final hearing.

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