Female Divorce Attorney Near Me in Pompano Beach

Is There a Female Attorney Near Me in Pompano Beach?

Yes, at the Law Office of Sheena Benjamin-Wise, you’ll work with directly with her, her associates and other professionals with over two decades of experience in all areas of marital and family law: both divorce and paternity. When you are looking for the most empathetic divorce lawyers Pompano Beach has to offer, please contact us.

Seasoned Female Divorce Attorney in Pompano Beach

SHEENA BENJAMIN-WISE is a seasoned marital and family lawyers in Pompano Beach. She believes in educating their clients regarding duties and obligations of the law and strive to provide exceptional personal service to meet ultimate client satisfaction.

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    The Law Office of Sheena Benjamin Wise, PA is a South Florida law firm located in Pompano Beach, Florida, with an emphasis on family and marital practice and litigation, including complex custody and support litigation and collaborative law divorce.


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