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AA Divorce Lawyer Lighthouse Point Beach Can Trust: The Law Office of Sheena Benjamin Wise is a South Florida law firm located in Pompano Beach, Florida whose emphasis is on marital practice and litigation. We have 20 + years of experience assisting families in complex divorce, child custody and child support litigation. Our attorneys offer a ‘collaborative law divorce’ option which provides the whole family, including Husbands, Wives, Mothers and Fathers, an alternative to contested family law litigation.

Divorce in Lighthouse Point Florida

Marriage is a recognized legal relationship between two individuals. Divorce is the process of terminating that relationship. Unlike many other states, Florida does not recognize common law marriages, so you and your partner are either married or your not. The legal system provides you with a means to terminate that legal relationship, protect your parental rights and property interests as well as confirm the duties and obligations of each party.

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We provide our clients with high quality legal services inclusive of a personal touch for superior satisfaction. Our Mission is to provide zealous, exemplary professional legal services to individuals at a reasonable cost to enhance each client’s personal development and protect their interests.

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    The Law Office of Sheena Benjamin Wise, PA is a South Florida law firm located in Pompano Beach, Florida, with an emphasis on family and marital practice and litigation, including complex custody and support litigation and collaborative law divorce.


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