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General Practices Uncategorized February 9, 2021

Understanding the Florida Relocation Statute

After divorce, your goal is to move on with your life. But what if your personal or career goals affect your time-sharing arrangement with your former spouse? Imagine that you’ve gotten a promotion at work- one that includes a substantial salary increase and excellent benefits. Or maybe you’ve remarried and your new spouse’s employer wants […]

General Practices Uncategorized January 12, 2021

Can You Get Alimony in Florida?

Divorce can leave anyone worried about their financial future, but if you left the workforce years ago to raise a family, you’re going to be especially anxious. With your skills and resume so out of date, how can you expect to maintain the same quality of life you enjoyed while married? This is where alimony […]

General Practices Uncategorized December 8, 2020

Is a premarital agreement really a blueprint for divorce?

When you’re planning to marry the love of your life, the last thing you want to do is prepare for the possibility of divorce. Isn’t such a move unromantic? Doesn’t it suggest that you’re harboring some doubts even while you’re checking out wedding locations and catering menus? While it’s true that premarital agreements, also known […]

General Practices Uncategorized November 10, 2020

How to Obtain a Restraining Order in Florida

When you are being threatened or hurt by someone you love (or used to love), it can be terrifying. You’re afraid to go home, leave the safety of the workplace, or even answer your phone because you never know when that person will confront or engage with you again. You deserve to be safe and […]

General Practices Recent News October 13, 2020

Five Reasons For Unmarried Fathers to Establish Paternity

Becoming a father is immensely rewarding. While your new son or daughter will make huge demands on your time and energy, you wouldn’t have it any other way. As comedian Mike Myers once put it, “Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it.” However, if […]

General Practices Recent News September 8, 2020

Unique Challenges in a High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce is not easy, which is one of the reasons why it’s regarded as one of life’s biggest stressors. When your divorce falls into the high net worth category, it introduces special complications that don’t apply to couples in lower income brackets. These challenges are mostly related to asset division, as high net worth couples […]

General Practices Recent News August 11, 2020

Parental alienation: What it is and how you can stop it.

Imagine this scenario. You’re on your way to pick up your 6-year-old son for your usual weekend together. You’re excited to see him: since the divorce, you’ve been living for these times together. This weekend, you have a special surprise- a brand new backyard swimming pool – and you can’t wait to tell him about […]

4 Myths You Were Told About Child Support

Your children mean the world to you, and you’d do anything for them. Unfortunately, some divorced or separated parents (possibly your ex) aren’t as committed, especially when a court orders them to pay child support. That’s when questions, resistance, and misconceptions can arise.  Below is an overview of 4 common myths about child support in […]

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