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In any divorce matter, the most likely actors to be hurt are the children. Even if both parents are content or even excited by their future life choices, the children can find it hard to recognize any benefits, if any exist. The children are impacted by a determination of each parent’s parental responsibilities, timesharing schedules and other child custody related matters and child support. We have relied on several years to effectively assist and guide our clients in litigious paternity and child custody related matters. The attorneys of the Law Office of Sheena Benjamin-Wise aim to make it easier to find a solution for you.

Advice from Child Custody Divorce Lawyer in Pompano Beach

Parents have to adhere to their legal obligations to provide financial assistance for their children, married or divorced. Contested child custody matters can be hostile process, the attorneys at the Law Office of Sheena Benjamin-Wise will work to represent you effectively and assist with the determination of the children’s best interest. Paternity actions help parents sought out the duties and responsibilities owed to the children with a written parenting plan or order.  

Taking Child Custody Parental Responsibility in Pompano Beach

We also help with parents who wish to put their case forward cohesively and intelligently regarding child custody. As divorce lawyers who are well-versed in child custody law, we can handle the major arguments on your end aiming for the goals that you are closer to finding an amicable and clear solution for your child custody rights and requirements.

You should never underestimate this, as it can play a major role in determining the success of your parenting plan or child custody agreement. We can stand alongside you in the courtroom, offering weight behind your argument and proving all requests are fair and valid within the framework of Pompano Beach laws.

If you are looking for assistance with battling child custody or dealing with the payment side of child support, we have the means and the knowledge to help you make accurate progress. With the help Sheena Benjamin-Wise and associates, with over 20 years of experience in divorce settlements in Pompano Beach, you have all the help that you might need to make this possible.

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Child Support Lawyer Pompano Beach

Child Support is determined by looking at parent gross income and combined deductions, we will guide you to establish that both parents are aware of the obligation, costs and challenges which they may have. We understand how difficult one parent may be to live up to this obligation. Florida Child Support guidelines, utilizes a mathematical formula based on incomes, child and health care cost and timesharing schedules. We can help you determine the rate that should be paid and provide means and methods necessary to enforce child support payment.

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